The good news is…

The Good News of Jesus was God sent Him to this world to bring salvation for all.  

The Good News includes Jesus life, death and resurrection.  The life of Jesus is a living sermon on love, compassion, helping our brothers and sisters in the Lord, aiding the poor, feeding the hungry, answering temptations with the word of God, leading others to God, accepting others as they are, praying, and always trusting in God.

Jesus knew that He must go through the beatings and be spit upon, listen to false witnesses, and be crucified, yet through all of this He remained focused on God.  He was silent when he could have lashed out at His accusers.  This is a great lesson for us when we go through our trials. Even as he hung on the cross He asked God to forgive those sinful people.
The good news of His resurrection was He defeated death/the devil, for us to have a home with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for eternity.
Jackie McRoberts

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