“What is the gospel” series

Our staff recently worked through a process of articulating the gospel. We here have a series of short posts of people explaining the good news of Christ in a concise way.

This project sought to accomplish several things:

  1. We want each person keeping the main thing the main thing. The process of putting ideas onto paper helps each individual become more consistent and thoughtful in their dialogue and teaching.
  2. We want our church and ministries keeping the main thing the main thing. This exercise helped us simplify our message/ vision/ strategy as a church. Too often we let the tail wag the dog. By boiling down the gospel to its core we can more capably be the church God wants us to be.
  3. We want to proactively create a narrative for our discussions, instead of becoming caught up in our unique perspectives. While we do value diversity, often times our communication deficiencies have us talking past one another. By going through this process we were able to discover some of our unnamed assumptions that were impeding true communication.

Read and comment what themes you see, or what parts of the gospel you find key that we may have overlooked.


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