Wanting to see Jesus?

The sermon was entitled “Wanting to see Jesus” the preaching passage came from John 12:21 where John recounts a rather mundane incident that should give us all cause to pause! It seems that there were some Greeks who were traveling to attend the Passover celebration and they approach the disciples of Jesus and made a simple request, ‘we want to see Jesus’.

You know there are a lot of people today in the same situation as these men; they want to ‘see’ Jesus. The question however, is WHAT Jesus do people want to see? There are some today who are looking for Jesus to be a master magician who can entertain them with wondrous feats, (like turning water into wine or calming a storm). Others look for a Jesus who is a white robe wearing grand exalted ‘poobah’ who sits in judgment and condemnation on all those that they don’t like! Or perhaps some are looking for a Jesus who only says I love you no matter what you do and how you live and everything that you do is OK by me!

Now here’s the funny thing, I suspect the real Jesus is like none of the previously mentioned visions. I suspect the real Jesus is somewhere in between and vastly different from what any of our concepts are. But the real question for us to consider, especially as Christians, is can others see the real Jesus in us? We all need to realize that the only picture some will ever see of Jesus is in us who call ourselves Christians. Therefore, it’s pretty important that we have a good image in our minds of who Jesus is and as a result show that Jesus to the world not in what we say, but in how we live!

There are still a lot of people in the world today who want to see Jesus.
What Jesus are they seeing in you?

Have a great week!
John P. – 9/12/16

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