Holding the corners

This past Sunday, Leon shared with us out of Hebrews 13:1-6 about how we as Christ-followers are to love one another, show hospitality, remember those in prison, be pure in our relationships, don’t be greedy, but instead live a life of trust and dependency on the Lord.

There’s no place in our life where the Lord says, “Except that area, I don’t have anything to say about that part of your life — just do whatever.”

A couple of years ago, one of my sons and I were making watermelon flavored Koolaid and we’d just finished filling the glass pitcher with ice and Koolaid when one of us (I won’t say who) let it slip out of our hands and it smashed all over the floor and sent Koolaid everywhere.

I mean everywhere. The ceiling. The cabinets. The oven. The stove. In the two adjoining rooms. Under the fridge. You name it, it got a watermelon Koolaid bath.

So, we spent a good amount of time cleaning up glass and Koolaid and we thought we had it all cleaned up, but as it dried, it changed color and got a bit darker pink and we noticed it was in more places than we thought. It’s been months since that happened and I still find little spots of watermelon Koolaid on the ceiling or in a corner.

A long story to make a point – just like the Koolaid, there’s absolutely no corner of our lives that the Lord doesn’t see, doesn’t cover and doesn’t claim. He sees it all and wants us to let him be Lord of it all.

And over time, when we’re ready, he shows us some places we hadn’t thought of yet. Places that we might not have considered as places in our lives he’d be interested in.
Your relationships with people. With everyone in your life. Everyone. Even strangers. Even people who you think deserve a bad lot in life because of their choices. He wants you to show love, grace, truth, mercy to them all. He wants your relationship with them to reflect your relationship with him.

How you think about money and stuff. Even if you’re poor and don’t have much. How you use your home and your blessings. How much time you devote to trying get more or keep what you’ve got. He wants you to depend on him and not the blessings he has allowed in your life.

As you go about your week, remember that Jesus wants to be the Lord of your life in every sense. Not to mess with your fun or derail your life and make you miserable, but because he knows what you need and wants to lead you to better than you have yet imagined. Look for him in places you might not have dreamed he had an interest in and ask him what he would like for you to know and do.

Grace and peace

Wade Poe

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