Be the church

A few weeks ago we looked at the story of Jesus clearing the temple, and the obvious question was: “What in the world was Jesus so mad about?”

Leon did a great job of expressing the problem at hand; the Jews had turned a place of inclusion into a place of exclusion; they had turned a place to be with God into a place of worldly profit. Elsewhere the Bible teaches that WE, the people of God, are now the dwelling place of God’s Holy Spirit. WE ARE THE CHURCH. And I believe Jesus can become equally angry with us when we operate in a way that stands between people and Himself. This Sunday I hope to look further into what it means to be a place of INCLUSION rather than a place of EXCLUSION. More specifically, let’s look at how can we be a PEOPLE of inclusion rather than a people of exclusion.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of “church?”

What do you think your coworkers think of when they think of church? What about your friends? Neighbors? Twitter followers?

Do they think of a place of inclusion or exclusion? Do they think of a people of inclusion or exclusion?

As we try to “be the church,” we are met with the task of reflecting the image of Christ to those around us. How can we do that and do it well? Join us for worship this Sunday to talk about being the church and then take action in “The Church Has Left the Building” right after service.

See you there!
Morgan Hines

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