So Crazy It Might Just Work

If God is a God of mission, then I need to have one too. 

Like Jeremy said this Sunday, God IS a God of mission, a mission of blessing to be shared through one nation to all the nations of the earth. And God, in His divine foreknowledge, has extended that very mission of blessing to ALL of His people. Shocking, isn’t it? To me it sometimes seems like a monumental error in cosmic judgment, that God would leave a crucial piece of his master plan in the head, heart, and hands of men.
But God does not make mistakes! He entrusted the salvation of mankind to his fully human son Jesus who successfully and overwhelmingly conquered sin and death. The way I understand it, as Jeremy reminded me this Sunday, it is my task to embody and reflect this new reality and the glory of what God has done through Christ to the world.
So what will I do? Well to be honest, I’ll probably keep doing a lot of the same things I already do, but I have to be more intentional, and definitely more vocal, about the new reality that Christ has ushered into my life and this world. He is making all things new, and He has infiltrated every aspect of my life, but I tend to hide that truth rather than purposefully reflect it to the people around me.
Jeremy also said that people are seeking a connection, a connection to LIFE to MEANING and to NEWNESS. My goal is to join in the mission of God by sharing my life and my meaning and my newness through Jesus to the people I am already making connections with. 
I am about to go disc golfing with a friend and student; so how can I share life, meaning, and newness with him in the ordinary rhythms of life? Maybe with a simple question about hope in this world, maybe with a statement about something God has made new in my life. I have to start somewhere.
Because God is a God of mission, I have to have one too.
Morgan Hines

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