“Devotion” implies commitment, fervor, and focus.

I engage in Bible study, fellowship, bread-breaking, and prayer multiple times each week. But I must admit that my dedication waxes and wanes. I remember well the energy and excitement I felt during the weeks following my baptism (20 years ago today, in fact). I imagine that Acts 2 reflects that same kind of response to the Gospel. I often wonder how I might recapture and sustain that same level of enthusiasm that I once experienced.

I would say that I am spiritually healthy today. But I recognize that there have been moments in the past when I was more intensely aware of God’s presence in my life. In many ways I have grown and matured, but in other ways my spiritual life has lost a bit of its luster.

I would guess that the way I described myself above is fairly common throughout the church. Life is full of peaks and valleys and everything in between. I am thankful for the message this week from Acts 2:42-47, because here I think we find a set of practices that will reinvigorate our zeal for the Lord.

So in response to this message from Acts, I will …

  • Devote 20 minutes each morning to Bible reading (an old habit of mine that I need to revive)
  • Find at least two opportunities each week, between Monday and Saturday, to fellowship with other disciples
  • At least one of those opportunities will involve food. (I think there is something special implied in sharing a meal together; it’s a heightened form of fellowship.)
  • Begin a prayer journal (another old habit that needs resuscitation) where I will maintain a list of specific reasons to praise God and specific requests that I entrust to Him.

I invite you to join me in my renewed commitment to these acts of devotion.

Robert Meyer

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