Good News is Never Old News

The bad news is that this post is late. But the good news is that Leon preached the Word of God 8 days ago on Sunday morning, and that Word from God applies just as much this week as it did last week! We STILL live in a world that desperately needs Good News, and we can NEVER STOP thinking about ways to share the hope we have, this Good News about redemption (being bought back from our slavery to sin) and restoration (that God is making all things new)!

I have been trying to apply the sermon’s truth to the young people I minister to on a daily basis. The question I believe we all have to answer is this: “How can I present the Gospel in a way that my friends, family, coworkers, or acquaintances will be likely to receive it?”
It almost seems like I’m planning some kind of deception, like I’m crushing up medicine in ice cream to get my child (or dog) to take it. But I am convinced that it’s a question I have to keep asking, looking to the Holy Spirit for answers.

In preparation to teach math, for example, people spend years learning techniques and creating lesson plans that will best relay the dreaded math principles in a way that math’s TRUTH and VALUE can be understood. Why shouldn’t I apply the same dedication and strategy to the truly invaluable message of the Good News?
With that in mind, I’d like to relay a conversation I could see myself having with a student at UALR.

My goal in this conversation would be to point out the need for the Good News about the salvation Jesus brings to someone who: (1) Doesn’t seem scared in the least by the prospect of hell (2) Believes this world lacks justice and (3) Is far from optimistic about the America they will live in after the 2016 election. Here goes:
Me: How’s your week going?

Student: It’s alright I guess. Pretty stressful. Work and class stink, and I’m not too hopeful about my future after watching last night’s debate.
Me: Well I can definitely understand the pain of class on top of work, but why would this election make you feel hopeless?

Student: Haven’t you been watching?
Me: Sure. But fortunately for me, my hope isn’t in the success of this country. I believe in a God who promised that he is making all things new, and I still trust that promise.

Student: Well he’d better hurry.
Me: He’s already started! There’s always hope because of what Jesus did on this earth. No matter who is president, I have a mission to be a part of: one that began all the way back with a promise God made to Abram. God promised to bless ALL nations through his people, and because of Jesus I’m part of that people called to share God’s blessings! And no president can change that.

Morgan Hines

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