My place in God’s story:

Where do I see my place in God’s story?

It all depends on how important I think God sees me in his story – it depends on what role I think he has assigned me in his story.

If I only see myself as an audience member watching other people who are God’s chosen leaders, voices or actors, then my place is just to watch and maybe applaud or perhaps offer critique or criticism of what’s going on.

But if I see myself as a part of the story in which God is acting in and through my life, I’m not a passive observer, watching others do “the important stuff”.

Jeremy’s message yesterday launched out of Habakuk 2:14 and reminded us of the role that we all play – to make great the name of the Lord among the nations, over all the earth.
It’s so easy for me to look at the stories of people in the scriptures and forget that they were just people like us, like me – and God called them to join him.

We know their names because they stepped out in faith to join with God in what he was doing. They could have gone on their way and kept doing life as normal, but they decided to join God’s story.

And because they joined God’s story, they were a part of the chain of people and stories that brought the message of God to you and me.

That’s an amazing thought – because others stepped into God’s story long ago, you and I know God’s story today.

It’s a powerful reminder to me that my role isn’t just to observe or critique. My role is to step out in faith and trust that as I follow him, he will use my faithfulness and my story so that others will know Him as well.

And stepping out in faith doesn’t always mean “big things”. It means being faithful to the Lord, to my family, to love people at work and in my neighborhood.

It means all the little things I do in faith so that others will see his image in my life, so that seeds might be planted that might grow into faith in the lives of others.

Lord, remind me to day that I can choose to partner with you today and that through your leadership in my life and in the lives of others who trust you, your name will fill all the earth.

Wade Poe

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